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Chispa ("spark" in Spanish) is what happens when an idea is born, when two substances collide, when two people make contact, when two worlds meet. Everything starts from here! Nearly 20 years of passion, enthusiasm, creative ideas, invitations to celebrate, discover, explore, grow, know, be born and born again...

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March 16-19, 2018

Wùo Tai: Joining the joints

Exceptional course led in Brussels by the creators of Wùo Tai.
Very first opportunity in Belgium to discover this superb approach to osteopathy from the point of view of gesture and dance.
March 25, 2018

Watsu "MPS"

Practice session open to Watsu students and practitioners.
An opportunity to deepen and refine your skills and to review the material learned in the courses.
April 6, 2017


5 Rhythms Dance: an open evening with Adam Barley in Brussels.
The 5 Rhythms are a simple, accurate, and effective map of the way your energy moves.
April 7-8, 2018

Open the box !

5 Rhythms Dance workshop with Adam Barley in Brussels.
A space to take distance with the clutter of our super busy lives and shake staples, paper clips, rules and attachments of all kinds.

You think of yourself till you have not seen yourself directly.

(Chandra Swami Udasin)