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Chispa is a non-profit-making organization born out of the desire of various Belgian artists to produce activities towards a more harmonious development of our society. Under an oblique light, we choose to share what stirs our hearts, our souls, our voices, our bodies, our pores, our feet.

We invite you to meet people, places or life experiences that have pleased us, a presence, a discipline, ingredients or substances from elsewhere, from beyond the corner.


Since 1998 our organization has been concocting workshops, residential courses, shows, performances, buffets, dinners and all manner of artistic activities. We give you special one-off moments with the irregularity of the light cast on an autumn day.

Whatever the type of activity, we always make sure that it happens in a spirit of conviviality and exchange and that it respects the natural and human environment. This means that, for example, an open heart, non-violent communication and accommodating differences are encouraged. This also means that preference is given to organic, local and fair trade goods.

Our organization has chosen to use simple means. We produce, inform, circulate, invite, support, share and celebrate. It’s about having a bite, helping yourself to some more, laughing, warming yourself up. Chispa is a home without a house: you come to spark things off and then you fly away. You will find us in dance and in song, in the countryside as well as in the city, in dressing rooms and in kitchens, around the table and on stage. Chispa is neither a commercial company nor a community: it is the crystallisation of energies on the move.

Come and join us, barefoot, forget your umbrella!

What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare.

(William Henry Davies)