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  • Association TaKeTiNa Europe

    The TaKeTiNa Association Europe, founded in 2009, provides a common platform for its members to facilitate PR, networking and cooperation. The website allows to search for TaKeTiNa teachers and their events in Europe.

  • International School of Watsu

    The International School of Watsu offers courses and workshops in more than 10 countries worldwide. Watsu is an amazing aquatic modality whose effects on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health are countless. The School certifies all courses organized by our association.

  • Adam Barley

    Adam Barley is the founder of ZeroOne, a creative movement meditation practice. He began studying healing and meditation in the early ’80s, training with Gabrielle Roth in the ‘90s and building a world-wide reputation for powerfully transformative embodiment work. After more than 25 years teaching the 5 Rhythms Dance, he launches ZeroOne in early 2019. His talent and skills as a DJ and facilitator make him one of the most experienced teachers worldwide. More than 40 workshops organized with him since 1999!