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Thank you for your leadership. I was in a very undisturbed flow for the whole weekend. I experienced a lot of joy and I had some amazing moments of actually feeling and seeing in flashes how my two sides of the brain connected. I was even writing mental poetry combining words and numbers from different languages during the rest phase. I guess neuroscientists would have had appreciated wiring my brain in that phase. I had peaceful landscapes during the night. My mind is very clear now. Great detox. My integration process lasts for quite a long time and I really enjoy it.

You two did a wonderful job together. You are are a great match. It was like you were channeling Taketina on the water. Big love to you both!

(Pleine Présence - TaKeTiNa workshop - December 2016)


Thanks again for the presence, the kindness, the creativity and the authenticity during this workshop. It was the perfect landscape for me to feel confident and free, something I need a lot for the moment. These 5 days have given me a lot of energy, courage and confidence and I already feel how this can change a lot of things around me and for the ones I love.

(One Heart - 5 Rhythms Dance workshop - July 2009)


I am so happy to have shared those days with you guys! Excellent work and a nice tandem! Thank you!!

(Watsu Clinics / Masterclass 1 - August 2013)


For those of you who don’t know, Chispa are an astonishingly talented group of Belgian artists covering a wide range of disciplines. Their work as a team has a delightful and inspiring mix of down-to-earth friendliness and an off-the-wall creativity that has made them a total pleasure to work with for me. Their music is great!